Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Not a Post about Beer" Week Ending 3/11/12

A friend said all I post about is beer and being drunk, so I'm going to make a conscious effort to make less ado about a-brew. Ha. ha. hheehmmblehh...

Mon- The Infamous 8.25-Mile Flat Loop of Intense Introspection and Loathing. 1:00:00

Tues- Again, but 1:10:00.

Wed- 3 miles to the university track, 3 miles on the track (4x400, 400 rest, just to introduce myself), 5 miles home. =11 total, about 1:20:00

Thurs- AM: the loop. 1:05:00
PM: to the bridge and back, 4 miles, 30:00

Fri- Loop x 2, 15.5 miles, 2:05:00

Sat- torres and virgen, 8 miles, 1,000 ft. 1:05:00

Sun- the loop. 1:05:00, done as a progression from 9:00/mile down to 6:50/mile for the last mile.

71.5 miles. 9:15:00, 1,000 ft.

My troublesome right-ass has been less painful this week. I have been dutifully stretching it and telling it how great it looks in the mirror. The positive reinforcement has been good...for both of us.

I felt better and better as the week went on, including my trip up the big hill. So, I'm tentatively happy about my decision to stick to slow, flat jogging for a while. Plus, I realized how totally out of touch I've become with maintaining a steady pace for longer than a couple miles. I've gotten used to running up/down hills and going more by "feel." By "feel," I mean that I would run while cupping my balls and pinching my tits. Obviously, this technique will not fly during the Santiago marathon, as Chilean public-decency laws are both strict and their consequences brutal.


GZ said...

Okay, okay ... post about beer instead please ... it spares me from those images of you running by feel!

P. said...

Well, luckily for all, the video of my "technique" cannot be uploaded at the HD resolution that I require.

Jesse said...

71 miles? deeeeyerm! I've been doing the flat stuff lately too. I believe you've mentioned the doldrums of the flat Michigan rural 10milers. "feel" is the only way to do it.

P. said...

You can take the man out of Michigan's endless, flat farm roads...but you can't take Michigan's endless flat, farm roads out of the man, apparently. Feel on, bro.