Monday, March 5, 2012

3 Weeks in One Post! Best Deal on the Blogs!

...And Each Week Shall Be Accompanied By A Fitting Song:

Week Ending 2/19/12 a.k.a. "What Smells Like Burning?"

Mon: My New Paved Loop! 8.25 miles. 1:00:00. flat.
Tues: same, but two loops. 16 miles. 2:00:00. flat.
Wed: bailed on the run after 1 mile. did me some weights.
Thurs: 10 beers
Fri: flying in an airplane.
Sat: 6 miles w/ Steph along the beach at Bahía Inglesa. 1:00:00
Sun: ditto.

Totally: 36 miles. 5 hours.

The turning point that lead to this two-week shit show was Wednesday. I headed out the door, extremely tired with a dull pain in my ass cheek and some significant pain in my foot. I got about a mile in and just thought "Dude, you didn't sneak under 2:07 in Beijing by getting injured. Play it smart."

Week Ending 2/26/12 a.k.a. "When Hairy Met Fatty"

before i start typing directly from my fluorescent pink and bejeweled Anne Frank running log, I just want you to actually listen to this song. why in the fuck is there a chopped n' screwed slo-motion version of this ridiculous song? i love you Internet. Don't never leave me. Also, I typed "fluorescent" correctly, without thinking, on the first try. Fuck yeah.

Mon: 0
Tues: 0
Wed: 0
Thurs: 0
Friday: 0
Sat: Super Mega Volcano Blow Out Death Race! 88 miles. 88,000 ft. of vertical!!!!
kidding. kidding. Saturday was 0.
Sun: 0

Week Ending 3/4/12 a.k.a. "How to Fit a Diaper Under Your Running Shorts, You Baby"

I really hate this band so much. I'm not sure why this pertains to the running week, except that my hatred for this band somehow sums up my attitude this week.

Mon: talca hills. 9 miles. 1:30:00. 1,500 ft. - This is the run where I realized that something was legit fucked up in my body. I felt super-charged in my head/lungs/blood/stuff but my legs were just destroyed after this run. I mean, hobbling around the next day. Pain and tightness in my glute, down to my calf. Did me some reading and Imma thinking that I have me some piriformis issues. I'm trying to stretch and do some exercises to fix it, but man...I'm fucking bummed about this one. It really hurts and it's fucking with my ability to even jog on flat ground.

Tues: AM: My New Paved Loop. 8.25. 1:05:00, flat.
PM: Same.

Wed: AM: Same.
PM: 6 miles. 50:00. flat.

Thurs: MNPL!

Fri: Off.

Sat: that fucking loop again.

Sun: one more time. egads.

Totals: 64.5 miles. 8:50:00. 1500ft.

Well, I just can't emphasize how surprised I am at the incredible pain that accompanied this return to running. Not just this piriformis bullshit, but my quads/calves/feet, just everything felt horrible. I honestly had no idea this would be the result of what I had hoped would be this refreshing break from running and I would come back, minus the fatigue I had built up and start some faster workouts leading up to the Santiago Marathon. Oh-fucking-well, Patrick. That shit is not happenin', brother.

I'm not sure what to make of all this, but I'm going to just keep up with the flat jogging assuming that the glute, et al. doesn't get any worse.

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