Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maratón de Santiago

signed up for the marathon in Santiago, April 1st.

the date is especially fitting when you consider that only a fool would choose to run a marathon in city where the air is so bad it will make you hack up phlegm like you've been smoking cigarettes all day.

back to running this week. for all my drunken bluster, my reasons for taking a full week off included more than just laying around in a boozed-up stupor (i think). i decided to not worry about running while i went on vacation. plus, it gave a few nagging pains in the foot and glute a chance to quiet down. upon running again last monday i learned two things: 1) a week did very little for those pains and 2) coming back from a week off is worse than coming back from any race i've done thus far in my life.

The Atacama Desert is quite a place. If you ever get a chance to go, I'd recommend it.

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