Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 cheers.

50 degrees. last of the ice. last of the beer. for now...

the best part about a thaw is that SMELL returns as an available sense.

I just went through a mixpack of double/imperial IPA's...three were from colorado, interestingly enough. Lot of little upstart breweries out there, huh? It's kind of cute. Like, when Starbucks first came out and people thought it was fun to start coffee shops. Thankfully, here in MI, we have no coffee shops. just breweries. that have been here a long time.

Guess which one was the best? Ah yes, but of course, Founder's Double Trouble Imp. IPA. Michigan just makes better beer. Colorado should just stick to skiing in colorful clothes. They do that well out there.

that's the last IPA you'll see me drink for the winter. back to stouts/doppels/scotch ales.


GZ said...

Ah, smacktalk to CO ales. Love it.

San Diego has both CO and MI beat, as much as I hate to admit it.

P. said...

i don't trust california. they're like a doughnut to me.

smacktalking other beer when you're from michigan is redundant. we all know our beer is better. no need to point it out. Still...occasionally reminding people of that is sort of fun and passes a few minutes of time while you're tanning next to icebergs.