Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays.

my xmas day challenge to all of my facebook friends is for Total Viewings of A Christmas Story on TBS's 24 hour marathon showing of the film. I'm currently at 1.5 views, going for 4 total viewings today. partial viewings DO NOT COUNT AT ALL. The winner is entitled to round of drinks at the bar of their choosing, up to two additional friends all purchased by the brokest person anyone knows: me!

i've also been offering up beers for movie trivia questions i.e.

what is the name of scut farkus' "toadie" sidekick in the movie? i think they say his name like once. no wiki cheating either, santa's job may be done, but that naughty cheating shit rolls over into 2011.

good luck all. after my run this morning, i'm hitting the eggnog like it insulted my mother and you can guarantee i'm gonna hit AT LEAST 4 total viewings of A Christmas Story. may the best man or woman win.


P. said...

jenn brubaker wins a beer for correctly answering the city upon which the story is based, "hammond, IN" and where it was primarily shot, "cleveland."

russ natalie takes the win for "grover dill" as the toadie of yellow-eyed scut farkus (what kind of parents name their kid "scut?!")

and no one even took it to the mat when it came total viewings. i stopped at 3 complete viewing, with about half of the fourth one down. but the xmas parties were beckoning and i ended up screaming christmas carols in the street at cars and passing out on my mother's kitchen floor. happy holidays indeed!

Eric Rivera said...

but will they get actual beer?