Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grey areas.

weekly total taken directly from notebook:
MON !!/15/10- 6 depressed + slow. then p/u Ava + ran 4 more, much happier. bad day overall. cannonball cooldown.

TUES-->10 miles. freezing cold + soaking wet. strong NE'er. Ava wouldn't run. I felt mentally at peace, the run was good + positive. Used flashlight for 80% of it.


THURS-->6miles woods. 4miles w/ xc kids. 3 miles @ YMCA: 400m @ 6:00, 400 rec. then 3 sets of 12 reps on leg press machine X 3. total miles for the day: 13.

FRIOFF (note: cooked all day for pumpkin party, ran errands for school)

SAT--> 13 miles from Gabbo 2 Wildwood and back.

SUN--> 13 miles (5 w/ Ava!)

59 miles for the week. (we'll go with 60, because Garmin is a guesser at best, plus on any given day i round down...and...and...i just want it to be 60. fuck it. when it comes to miles and machines...sometimes things just aren't black and white.)

had to get that in there. new yeezy dropped monday, ya'll.

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