Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dirty Dog 5k and the week of 11/8-11/14

This past saturday was Ava's first 5k race. We placed third overall (yeah, that's 4th place back there getting dusted by our finishing kick) and Ava placed 1st overall in the dog like a huge margin. Running sub-7:00 miles wasn't easy for the field of hobby joggers at the race, but for Ava it was no fuckin' problemo, man. For me, I was pleased to feel like I was running hard, but really I didn't ever feel like I was pushing myself into anything near "race" effort. Which is nice and ultimately just makes me very curious as to how fast I could run a 5k right now. I think low 18's is possible. Which would be a huge chunk off of my old PR. Gabbo and Lorenzo (her chihuahua) were on hand as photog's and cheerleaders, my parents came out to see Ava...ahahaha! Anyway, the course was pretty fun, slippery trails and bridges (that crushed gravel was just a small part of the overall loop) and the whole positivity of the morning more than cleared away that crazy ass fog that has basically been hanging over our area for like a week now. it's nuts. fogville. cloudtown, USA. what the hell.

despite the detox stuff (see post below), this week was really a good turn-around week for me. I felt a lot better, a lot more stable and even with a few rough nights (i'm looking at you thursday night where I drank a case of beer, took some benedryl and still couldn't fall asleep) the week on the whole was very good. I had a perfect saturday with Gabbo and will remember it forever. it was THAT good! hopefully the pumpkin/goat cheese ravioli we made and froze for the pumpkin party will turn out as well as the day did. happy trails.

62 miles this week. long run on sunday was rough. need to start getting consistent with those.


Lucho said...

Your dog was probably bored to tears at 7:00 pace. Nice work!

P. said...

yeah, i wasn't sure if she was bored or not until she stopped, mid-stride, and went down on herself for a little while. which would be tempting for anyone able, understandably...but still... i felt a little insulted. guess it's time to hit the track.

Lucho said...

Sorry man... but there isn't a track workout in the world that will ever allow you to go down on yourself. I've tried.