Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mixtapes. Good for running, but not about running. End transmission.

When I was in the U.S. in July, my uncle told me about a mixtape he and his buddies had made back when they were teenagers. They spent one of the best weeks of their lives on an island, with ONLY this single mixtape. I like these kinds of stories, so anyway: The origin of the tape was that they had all gotten stoned in a friend's basement and spliced together some tunes, some Animal House movie clips, some clips of them being stoned, some choice quotes amongst best friends, etc. The mixtape cassette, however, has disappeared and my uncle was asking me how easy it may or may not be to recreate the original mix, but digitally.

Normally, I would say "no" to putting together someone else's nostalgia-inspired mixtape, but the story behind the mix and then my uncle's playlist that he jotted down from memory (it's below) was funny and weird enough that I decided to give the project a whirl. Please enjoy these mixes so much.

Where I couldn't find or reproduce the original audio, I made some changes. Hopefully, the updates will not only breath some fresh air into the mix but won't wreck the overall good vibes. Otherwise, I tried to stay completely true to my uncle's list and descriptions.

Side A:
Intro to Saturday night live (partial)
Animal House “Helenic Council Mtg” aka “prelaw, pre-med… what’s the difference”
David Bowie – Young American
Animal House – Louie Louie
Animal House – Twisting the Night Away
A Dog Bark – Random…probably Tess
I Could Be Happy – Altered Images
Soul Man – Blues Brothers
Matt & Chris getting stoned (impossible to duplicate)
Institutionalized – Suicidal Tendencies
Little bit of Soul - Ramones
I Don’t Have to Jump – Jerry Lewis (not even sure how to find this soundclip…)
Great Balls of Fire – Jerry lee Lewis
Mr. Thoughtful with a 12 roses – Animal House
Matt & Chris getting more stoned
That’s Life – James Brown version
The Bird – The Trashmen
Hawaii 5-0 – The Ventures
Aint to proud to beg – Temps
Blue Moon - Marcels (partial)
Sitting in Limbo – Jimmy Cliff
Swan, Swan, Hummingbird – REM
“evil fraternity clip’ – Animal house
I Am Superman – REM

Side B:
Wipeout – Surfaris
Grab a Brew – Animal House
Walk, Don’t Run – Ventures
Sweet Transexual – Rocky horror
Dance this mess around – B52’s
Fawn Leibowitz – Animal House
Tequila – The Champs
Green Onions – Booker T and the MG’s
Bitchin’ Camaro – The Dead Milkmen
Tim Forderer quote – “Totally willing to jam on whatever project” (can’t duplicate)
Up All Night – The Boomtown Rats (partial)
Black Rat Swing – Cephas & Wiggins – Original was Memphis Minnie
Blues from the lowlands song that I can’t identify… delta style blues??
Are you Ready to go - Reggae – UB 40??
Legal Tender - B52’s
Whamy Kiss - B52’s (partial)
Blackbird – Beatles
Whamy Kiss – B52’s
Madame Butterfly – Malcom McClaren
Mandy Peperidge , Message Your Thighs! – Animal House
All Right - David Bowie
I came here to be inspired by the great painters???
In this generation - Monkees??

50’s music from scene with Mrs Wormer – Animal House

Side A

Side B

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