Friday, September 13, 2013

Magic Moldering in Silkworms' Skirt Slats

So many good links you (probably) haven't seen! I am making a post of these links because they are what keeps me going when I'm hideously hungover and begging God to make an example of me for all you sinners out there.*


The last sentence of this post is so beautiful. One nice aspect of the Internet is that people don't think too hard about what they write, and we get to read it anyway. One horrible aspect of the Internet is that people don't think too hard about what they write, and we end up reading it anyway. (Case in point: This blog. Sorry.)


 Yes, I'm aware that this is a friend of mine...but do you know anyone else who's doing something like this? Even if you disregard the awesomeness of two generations of family planning on running a giant event together (while living on multiple continents)...well, the updates on the real day-to-day reality of running in Africa by his dad are amazing. Bring a powerful headlamp because thugs shatter streetlights in order to mug you. your aid station ran out of fresh watermelon? hahaha! Also, Daniel's blog is the realistically the best resource for stage-racing on the internet. Dig in, my fellow nerds.


 Another friend of mine just pulled off YET ANOTHER mammoth week: 21.5 hours and 28,000 ft. of vert. I KNOW it's in Spanish but seriously if you're not following Max's blog you're missing out on such a high level of stoke and...c'mon, don't all USAians like to say they understand Spanish at this point? Here's your chance to practice it!


Four is my lucky number. It has been ever since I was born with some sort of weird OCD. I spent most of my time in elementary school tapping the legs of my desk with my shoe in "1-2-3-4" repetitions. I also still bite my fingernails in repeating "4 corner" patterns. I'll draw you a picture of what that means if you're interested.


My knee is fine. I have a gift for both developing AND treating injury. Let me know if you want the details on knee tendonitis, but the bottom line is: Lots of lifting weights and lots of alcohol.

*I say that with so much love in my heart. I hope you know that, True Believer. Your sins are OK with me. Sin on.

Tomorrow, I leave for the high desert to go training for 6 days with D-Rowdy. I don't feel fit or particularly ready. I've had a horrible throat infection for the past week and have spent most of my time crying as I attempt to swallow juice and sweating out a very persistent fever (yes, i tried more cowbell. nothing).

So anyway, we'll see how it goes. I'm still psyched to have a week off of work (google "dieciocho chile") and I can just run and hang out with a buddy and feel stoked about life.

You guys are all awesome out there. Marriages, kids, great beards (but not on the kids...yet), good running, just all around awesomeness. I know you may not feel like it everyday, but let me tell you: That shit sometimes cuts through the layers of intoxication and I think "whoa, jogging is OK."

So, keep up the good fight! And as my grandfather would say (without citing the original author)

Here's a song to go along with it!

Kill every fucking fascist you see! ...Unless they're single and looking for a bearded teacher living in Chile!



Daniel Rowland said...

Patrick - a great update and string of thoughts.

Thanks for the mention about my blog and the family running in the Kalahari next month. I feel like I've made it now that I have been listed as Patrick's pick for "best stage-racing blog". Where do I pick up my prize? Seriously - thanks buddy.

See you later today. The desert is waiting with warm weather and miles of trails.

RUNssel said...

Ahhhh gang! Great to see you guys hooking up for some bromance in the high country. Still recalling the first time we all met on this freezing morning in Santiago. Just great to see such a good friendship emerging. Hope to see you guys soon.

P. said...

Markus! We'll all reunite for the most epic bro-down, high-5, bear hug, stoke-fest for El Cruce! SHIT GOAN BE CRAAAAYYYYYYY

Max Keith said...

Ohhhh I'm so flattered that you put my blog in one of your really. Thx my man !

I have think about write my shits in english, seriously....maybe I'll do.

PS. Are you going to the cruce???

Have fun in those sandy mountains.