Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Submission to Chilean Trail Running Film Festival exuberant use of caps in the title of this blog post may indicate...

...that i need to grow up.

...make something of my life.

...make something out of nothing.

...nothing from nothing is nothing.

...but you've got to have something.

...if you wanna be with me.


brownie said...

Running is stupid!

Great stuff.

RUNssel said...

Pure Bling!

jameson said...


J. said...

My personal favorite part was the stretching/weighing/routine maintenance. I have small interests.

Meghan Cardoza said...

No one can't live without love. My life is so empty without u.

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P. said...

Dear Ms. Cardoza,

It WAS a wonderful weekend we spent together wasn't it? I have to admit, when we met and you handed me a grocery list that included a cornucopia of suggestively shaped squashes, a banana, and the biggest tub of vaseline i have ever seen...well, a bead of sweat began to form on the rim of my bleached blonde mustache. However, your background as a dog-trainer/masseuse came in very handy and I never felt anything but totally cared for and reassured. I, too, can say that my life (as well as other parts of my body) are much more empty now without you. I won't watch any Hollywood movies, however. I think they turn you gay.

J. said...