Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trail Putaendo 33K - 4th overall

The inaugural Trail Putaendo 33k was an unmitigated success!

Profile for the race! The whole thing was good times, but check out that last mile! WEEEEE!
A couple guys' GPS had the total gain at 5,000ft.

Here's Max, me and Moises at the start. Looking like we're in a dream. I felt like I was in a dream, as I had decided to go through a flask of bourbon and 5 beers the night before and was not...well, I was not thinking clearly, yet.

Here, I was thinking very clearly. Clearly, thinking "This hurts so badly much! Where is my flask!?"

Final stretch. Paved. 800m. I actually had to stop and walk for about 10 seconds, talking to myself. "Patrick, just keep going. This is insane. Don't stop now. People are chasing you." But I had NOTHING left. I mean, I've never been so fully spent in a race EVER. I was destroyed.

I knew beer was soon. So, smiles abounded. 

"So, tell the world: How does it feel to be the highest place finisher who also has the highest BAC?"

Moises and I bro-ing out. We battled so hard at the end.

Moises in front. You can see me in the background with my two black bags of special treats.

Max, shirtless and finished, but he was not in good shape. Sick. Dehydrated. Bad vibes.

But then I opened some special treats and we all felt better! Matias had just finished, looking and feeling like the burgeoning champ that he is!

 And look! I even made it to a podium! I won my category for "Most Hideous Alcoholic Who Still Pretends that His Daily Exercise is Something More than just a Stupid Hobby"

I also placed 4th overall, 3:22:00 and about 5 minutes behind our resident Chilean professionals. So, I was happy about that. I was unhappy about how I ran the uphills. But fuck it. I'm at the office and this makes me even more unhappy than some shitty uphill jog-walking.

One love. One heart. Let's get together and drink ourselves blind.


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Max Keith said...

As usual. a fucking pleasure reading this fuckin visual RR.
Soy testigo de la petaca plus 5 cans of my granpas beer.

a la próxima i'm gonna make you tomar solo media petaca y 3 chelas.
Then maybe you would shave those five minutos
Jog on.