Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lavish Stoke ep. 2

Here's the second episode of the Lavish Stoke podcast! This installment features stories/interviews with various friends ranging from Chile to Germany to NYC to Chicago. Overall, it's pretty funny and the music is fucking awesome (obviously).

If you would like to contribute to Lavish Stoke, please send me a voice recording of an interesting running story to pthurber(at)gmail.com. If you want, you can tell me you'd prefer to be anonymous and you can send me text which I'll read and be sure not to give away your identity. But, if the story's really good...I mean, wouldn't you want to be given credit??? 

If it matters to you at all in the year 2013, the word "fuck" is used occasionally during this podcast. Notice that I've included links to the first podcast and to the BossJogging website on the sidebar under "Special Delights."