Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scrambling Video: La Giganta

After the 33K race, the next day Max Keith and I set out to run/scramble his favorite local: La Giganta. A bit over 1,000m and lots of ridge-line scrumble action. Very fun outing.

Be sure to check out the side bar for podcast Lavish Stoke 2! My God!

Also, if you want to be included in Ep. 3, please send voice recordings of funny/cool/interesting running stories to me at pthurber(at)gmail.com.   If you tell me you want to be anonymous, I can either read the text of the story or just not include your name anywhere near the credits, hahahaa....not that I did with anyone from podcast 2.

The race report from last Saturday is coming soon. Hold your frothing horses, you midnight cowboys.

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