Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Have No Fear, It's Only Beer" week ender 7/3

mon- nathin'
tues- am- 11.5 diarrhea, pm- 3.5 dad + AVA!
wed- 11.5 betterish (7 donuts)
thurs- 7 wild n' fast
fri- bday. poto trail. 13 w/ eric
sat- 4 fast
sun- poto again. 13 w/ rob k.

63 miles

celebrated birthday on friday with a childhood friend, showed him the poto trail (i've run there every week for the past month as part of a deal i made with myself). he ran really well, but the trail always wins.

went up there two days later with my neighbor. he ran really well, too. but like i say...

i drank literally gallons of Oberon this holiday weekend and rode my oberon-color-schemed road bike around town, sporting a giant mustache and generally being a total asshole. it was a great time.

1 comment:

JessiePants said...

Happy belated birthday, young man.
7 miles wild 'n fast, nice.
Stache and being an asshole = good times