Sunday, June 19, 2011

"So bad it's Bad" Week Ending 6/19

The steady creep back from slush-foot and lead-legs continues, with sky-high break-through and extravagant hyphens. Extra vagrant, even.

I am happy to feel like I'm definitely over that long bout of shitty running. No coincidence that my work life has finally come under control. The last two weeks have been good. This past week featured a tasty buffet: mile repeats at sub 6:00 and long runs with 2-4 miles of 6:45ish running ...those "tempo" sections were all very easy feeling. At long last, my legs feel like moving again. Which is nice. Lesson regarding persistence and patience: learned.

Spent the morning with dad, who had to run in to work for a bit. He got back and then went straight to work on a new water heater, soldering pipes in the crawl space of his house all afternoon and into the evening. He's an amazing guy and if I had half his discipline and work ethic...well, I'd be much better off on all fronts. Aside from having created me, he is also responsible for the handful of good qualities I possess (the rest of the garbage is all my doing, ye verily). Great father.

I went up to the Poto trail as part of my June resolution to get up there and run every week. At the shop, I put together a nice Giant carbon road bike that I can almost afford...which is tough. I won't break down and buy it, because I also like eating food and having shelter...but still...

64 miles on the week, one 25 mile bike workout.

I read the blogs of many remarkable runners who are also remarkable fathers. I hope you guys are having an awesome day and basking in the glory that is you. Glory-basking is so damn fine!


Eric Rivera said...

that video is incredible

Jesse said...

Shit son, rack up dem miles!