Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Horses Mouth" Week Ending 6/5/11

Taken directly from notebook:

MON- cheeseburgers
TUES- 12, very hot
WED- 15, last mile @ 5:20
THURS- off
FRI-14 around trapperz, to bolles. last 2 miles at 6:30
SAT- hungover
SUN- 12 miles. 23 mile bike (6 X 1:00 at max, 2:00 rec)

The combination of a much needed drunken bender over the memorial day holiday weekend and then wrapping up the school year celebrations lent itself to a less than ideal week. However, I was happy with some of the runs and the it was very nice to get on the bike and do something like an actual workout for the first time in ages.

The winter is finally...finally...totally gone. The weather here has snapped abruptly into hardcore summer-mode. Every day is 90F and humid. The bugs are biblical.

As I write this on Tuesday morning, I've begun the new week with renewed focus. I now have both the time and the desire to put the hammer down training-wise. Gone are the mountains of baked goods in the teacher's lounge and the high ABV beers that warmed me through the winter...in their places: fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables...and bourbon...rocks.

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JessiePants said...

Isn't it nice to NOT have winter for the moment, I know 90's is a whole other ball of wax, but NO SNOW.
Good on ya for summer healthiness. It is a must to have a bender of shit food and beer though from time to time.
Happy running to you