Monday, May 9, 2011

"Propped up..." Week Ending 5/8/11

good running, but still very sore from race last weekend. some good strength training. busy with the jobs. a running buddy played RD for a local 5K on saturday that i ran and won...but as i explained en el taller de bicicletas was a hollow victory. i went off course three times (an amazing, Keystone-Cop-esque feat to manage) and ran something like 5.6K. i was on pace to PR, but alas...i think Rob was a little dismayed to discover that his race produced some of the overall slowest 5K times either of us have ever seen (that's saying something out in these parts where some of the runners leave behind knuckle-drag marks). However, it was very fun to see 100 or so people from around town out running and enjoy the rare sunny/warm morning. the inaugural CASA Light of Hope 5K was a success. i love everyone.

as i sit here on a monday night after a very long day of work with the waves picking up from the northeast and the odd-metered rhythm of their collective churn carrying eagerly through my long-unopened-though-now-mercifully-open window and the prepositional phrases, conjunctions and awkward syntax begin to clack together like boxcars on a suddenly stopping train stamped with the words "Wrap Up This Stupid Post" ...I am struck by how reasonable life can be despite all the howling to the contrary.

Will or be willed,

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Jes said...

Love that last paragraph.