Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Correr, puta.

Funday - 8/9/10 - 13 miles, 1:43:00. wildwood. ran sockless, received blister. legs recovered from saturday. bodes well for future long runs. coffee has yet to sink in. limited to gorilla speak only.

Tues/Wed -8/10&11/10- i decided after the blister-inducing run on monday, coupled with the lingering hip issue, that i would take two (yes two!) days off from running. wouldn't it be slick if there were a way to make a laptop's keyboard deliver an electric shock? the practical/practical joke applications would be priceless.

"practical joke?" as opposed to those unwieldy, totally inconvenient jokes?

Thurs: 5.5 miles. that fucking blister, man. son. of. a. bitch. i bet i take friday off, too.

Friday: yep.

Saturday. returned to oak openings for long run. went 25 miles at sub-9:00 pace, but then stopped for a water fill-up and just couldn't get back on the trail to finish out the final 6.5 miles. i was really sore and tired, true, but there wasn't anything particularly wrong. no acute pain anywhere, no stomach issues, no blister issues...so i'm a little perplexed i guess. if i were to make excuses again (and i am), the weather was really gross: 90F, 100% humidity, "ozone warning" and the looming threat of thunderstorms all morning/afternoon...so the air was hot, heavy and it felt like breathing through a wet noodle. BUT! i still didn't feel all that bad. so why did i stop? i mean, i started again after a little break and ran back to my car for a total of 28 miles, but still...but still...why did a solid 30 mile run elude me again?
for next week:
-slow down more? (yeesh.)
-more water/more calories?

lastly, i felt like my core was really lacking after about 20 miles. i used to really focus on getting in abs/lower back workouts consistently but i've fallen off this summer a little on those. add to this the very persistent pain around my stomach/side/back from the car accident and i've just stopped any core workouts for the last three weeks. so...i need to get back to that ASAP, me thinks.

Sunday- spinny at the gym, tried to do some ab and back work but still extremely painful. later i drank some oberon and went for a pretty fast 15 mile bike ride. hadn't ridden the peug in a long time, so that was oddly relaxing and righteous.

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