Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Video of Highly Realistic Simulated Beard Models!


"highly realistic simulated beard models?" ...hahahahahahahaha!

this article is too much, man. i laughed so hard while reading it that i actually shot whiskey out of my nose. which felt like awesome.

but then also like horrible hell.

i still haven't cleaned the tears from my beard.

got out to the mountains today for the first time in too long. my knee is still not better. but i don't care. mutiny will not be tolerated aboard this ship.

it's a short vid! i swear! plus you get to see how i look once i've run out of contact lenses! bonus feature!

two more days. back to the States. which will be great. but let me take a moment to thank the nation of Chile for giving me a holiday today in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.

She'd just be called "Carmen" if she had met me...

...i keep forgetting that i don't have any contact lenses and i've grown this beard and that means i no longer can even begin to hope for any random play at the bars. let alone from religous-holiday-worthy babes (judging from a painting i saw near a church the other day).


GZ said...

The beard article is just redonkulous.

Where in the states?

GZ said...

Hey - is that the same ridgeline as this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI0oe92wUX0

P. said...

regardless of the sheer absurdity of the beard article, i'm keeping mine until summer...so that i can keep my competitive edge racing against nobody.

i'm not sure where i want to move. i'm talking with some friends/family in the both UT and CO, as I'd really really like to move back there. i live in both states as a very very young child (i mostly self-identify as a midwesterner), but...i feel like if i'm every going to get to live in the rockies, the time is now.

different ridgeline, although the other side of the same summit.

RUNssel said...

Move to Germany.