Sunday, May 19, 2013

New run video. Rainy day brush with death.

...God, do we live for this OR DO WE LIVE FOR THIS????!!!

New video on

Special features:
-Nice jiggly trails
-Coughing/Bad cold
-Special soundtrack technique (a.k.a. headphone smashed against camera mic)
-Me almost falling 40ft to my death.

Warm regards,


GZ said...

the music is a neat touch. Love the dog

P. said...

i think this new lazy-man's music technique is going to sweep the trail running world.

you know like when the music you're listening to perfectly matches the scenery you're running through and you're just like "awww, daaaammmnnn" ...well, all you gotta do is press one of your headphones against the camera mic and BOOM, instant vibes.

you heard it here first!

those dogs are amazing. if you go off trail or get lost, they wait for you at the point where you took a wrong turn. plus it's fun to race them on the downhills.

RUNssel said...

Jogging up a mountain in the rain and listening to Burial is EPIC.

Miss the classic fridge shot!

P. said...

honestly, Burial was the perfect music for that day. it was the most assholish sense of the world.

i KNEW i forgot something! more fridge footage next time, i promise. i'm just getting into the swing of these weekly run videos.