Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Termas de Chillán

I went to Las Termas de Chillán and Las Trancas last weekend. There's a ski resort up there, but I was in search of lonelier pleasures (*wink*)...or at least pleasures that don't cost $70 bucks and involve waiting in long lines...obviously that meant your Mother was out of the question! HAHAHA! SUCK IT!!

So, yes. What I mean to say is: I went running/hiking in the snowy mountains up there. The video above is something I found on Youtube, taken on the same summit that I hiked. I would have posted my own thumbs-up, stoke-fest video of my head, but I didn't bring a camera. Sorry, bro...but not as sorry as your Mom. YES!

Your Mom.


RUNssel said...

Classic Thurber! Love it!

J. said...

5/15/10- Toledo Zoo Dart Frog Dash 5k - 19:19 - 2nd in age bracket (rolls eyes)