Monday, July 30, 2012

"People love mountains."

One more week in the amazing U.S.A.

Found this quote from a musician I like, Dan Deacon.  

"I don't think I'm any less youthful, but I'm a little less naive, and I'm looking for more meaning in what I do. There is definitely a time in your life to raise the blinds, party, and fucking go into the abandoned building to see what's in there, a time to dive into the dumpster head first. I'm glad I had that experience, but I don't want to keep repeating myself. If I don't experiment, I'm not gonna make new mistakes. If I don't make mistakes, I'm not going to grow from them. It's weird how people hate getting older. People love mountains, and mountains are old as fuck. They are the oldest things there are." 

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J. said...

i'd like to write to you. will you send me your address?