Monday, May 28, 2012

Mega Epic Run Video Kill Frenzy!!!

Markus from came out to Talca in midst of his crushing run-tour of South America.
Not only is he a master of the pen (in English and German) and an excellent photographer, BUT now he's also an up-and-coming run video director. Mind=blown.

 We went out to Vilches Alto on a day when most of the area was being completely pummeled by heavy rains and 50mph winds. Oblivious of the flooding in the cities, we were busy up in the highlands, jogging around soaking wet, being hailed on and so so so so frozen cold.

Good times.


RUNssel said...

I wholly decline to take all that credit. This was visibly a joint-venture project!

Pucon fridges watch out!

Jesse said...

Fucking. Awesome.

andy said...

This video made me more amped to run in the mountains in the rain than I've ever been. Nice work!