Sunday, May 6, 2012


Runless week #3 is IN DA BAG! 12 hours on the bike and several more in the gym, waxing my bikini zone and drinking gallons of fake-tanner.

I had myself a lovely bike ride 'round the vineyards down here (did you know that chile is a fucking wino's wetdream? it is! it is!) It was autumnal in every sense of the word. Super fall. Fall as fuck!


Who's fucking leg do I have to heal around here to go running again????

Ah, yes. Mine. Ok then.

Enjoy the summer, you bastards! If you aren't out running right now, you have an infant's penis hanging betwixt your legs.

Needlessly confrontationally (and Olde Englishly) yours,


Dave said...

Gosh I love your writing. Hope your feeling better Pat! My feelings for you're leg burn with the passion of a thousand supernovas.

P. said...

You know? i thought i felt a burning the other night...

no no. thank you very kindly! the leg is doing OK.
also, thank you for the kind compliments! you are the mayor of Weird Running-Blogville and getting your seal of approval is like receiving the key to the city!

Jesse said...

Every time I read your blog, it reminds me that there are people who can run like a baus and still get all weird with some great writing.

Get dat stanky leg mended and drink more tan juice.