Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Complete Training Re-Think

Monday 2/12/12 - 9 beers.

Tues 2/13/12 - 16 beers.

Wed 2/14/12 - 7 beers. no, 8 beers. and counting.

I just realized that I actually base my life around beer consumption and not running at all. This is no longer a running blog, but a beer drinking blog. Running is just something I do when I want to listen to music and not think about cleaning my bathroom.

This combination of stacks of back-pay, summer vacation and cheap rental cars is going to kill me. I'm too old for this shit.


brownie said...

Wow, this is even better than your last post. I'm going to crush your PR of 16 beers at Manitou Mardi Gras on Saturday though.

P. said...

haha! PR?! hahaha! you have to understand, i've never had this much vacation time in my adult life. it's literally a struggle to not start drinking beer by noon everyday. no. actually, it's not a struggle at all. i just start drinking beer at noon everyday. easy peasy.

currently, i'm more seasoned than ever in terms of beer drinking and when i get back from this current trip, i am going to attempt to hit as many different bars in talca as i can in 24 hours, thus setting the "Most Places in One Day" record on the 100beers/places blog. you heard it hear first.

brownie said...

Set the record, and I'll try to chase it down after the NYC marathon.

GZ said...

16 beers is a good start.

Jesse said...

A man after my own heart. This shit cray.