Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Ho humb" Weekender 10/30

5o miles. twisted the ankle monday morning, heard a nice celery-snap "crunch!" and thought "jesus mother of god you fucking asshole what did you just do to your poor ankle?!?!" was just a wee sprain and everything is gravy after just being super thoughtful to it and taking it for dinner, backrubs, white wine, etc. good long run in the andes on sunday. post-run meal was chorillana, the mother of hangover of foods...plate of fries topped with sausage, pork, grilled onions and two fried eggs. fuck you, heart! try to beat your way out of THAT!


Lucho said...

Ha! You have to know when to be gentle and when to bend the body to your will. Or just say fuck it and abuse it.
How did you get that pic as your background image? Did you take the picture?

brownie said...

Damn, I need to try some of those fries!

P. said...

lucho: the pic of the beach and cross? it was taken with a sony point-and-shoot that permits panoramic photos. the large pic behind that is of my desk last summer, taken very high-res so that i could blow it up.

brownie: topped with some homemade mayo and hot sauce...the whole meal becomes pretty emotional.

Jesse said...

There's no better feeling than the moment after the "my fucking ankle is killing me goddammit!" moment after rolling it and thinking "oh, I guess its gon' be aight."