Monday, November 14, 2011

"Bust Yer Hump and Do the Rump" Weekly 11/13/11

Tres Cuernos on the right.

Quim standing on the edge of the supposed ancient UFO landing, El Enladrillado.

"Bajamos al río?" he, we should not fucking bajamos to the río.

Could we have a liter of Chile's blandest, please? a 2011, perhaps? An excellent year.

I've been consciously trying to change my running week lately. The new job is helping. A lot more days off than is typical, but the mileage is coming up and I still hit 14 hours of running in just 4 runs. I really liked how this felt. My plan is to continue to run fewer days per week, but run longer on those days that I do get out and, of course, continue to try to improve my ascending strength and my descending skill (hopefully). That is all.

Mon- off. taught from 8:30am to 8:00pm.

Tues- 1:15:00 - 10 miles, w/u and tempo. lifted weights afterwards.

Wed- off. taught all day.

Thurs- 4:00:00 hours, 18 miles. summited large cerro that i had attempted last week. tricky route through the farms and quite a bit of crawling under barbed wire, but i got there. the view was excellent.

Fri- off. Mid day drunk turned into all day drunk. Sneaky little bugger.

Sat- 2:45:00 - 14 miles. explored some different routes around the horse hills.

Sun- 6:00:00 - 25 miles. went to the mountains with Quim for a good long run. I ate about 400 calories all day, but drank about 4.5 liters of water. ended the run feeling surprisingly good. Post-run snack= Empanada de Pino (filling is meat, onions, olives and hard-boiled egg) and beer. Then, back in Talca we went for the ol' plate of fries/porkchops/onions/fried eggs "lomo a lo pobre"...and more beer. I was powerful thirsty after the fries, but luckily, I still had some beer in the fridge at home.

67 miles. 14:00:00

Tell'em how it was Bill...


Jen said...

photos & I laughed at the bajamosing.

P. said...

jen, why can't i post comments on your blog? do i have to have a golly damn tumbling account?

Jen said...

tumblr is stupid but now I'm already invested. what'd ya wanna say? ps- coming back to facebook tomorrow after my physics exam. i live a small, small life.