Monday, October 18, 2010

the stache is (on it's way) back.

45.5 miles for the week. i felt super dead legs this week...and generally just wiped out in all aspects of my life. the toxic combination? more aggressive methadone taper, more running without ever having fully recovered from woodstock, fast runs with Ava and a lingering sinus infection/chest cold.

it wasn't all bad though. i had a solid 10 mile run with Gabbo keeping me company on the bike (7:30 pace). it didn't feel bad at all. i also sort of "broke through" the incredible leaden quality of my legs earlier in the week when, on friday, i went for a shitty 6 mile run (dragged myself though it), then hit the gym, then came home and cooked for a bit and inexplicably my legs suddenly started feeling really good. i grabbed Ava's leash and took her to a new trail (to her) and we had a really zippy 7 miler that felt nothing but good. i can't really explain what happened, but i have to assume that running two recovery days on wed and thurs (4 and 5 slow miles, respectively) had everything to do with finally turning things around.

not a great week, but i'm very glad to have powered through it and not rested more than i needed to.

i can't wait to be able to twist that little bastard up with some wax!! it's been too long...

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