Friday, October 22, 2010

new trail

i've been running around Munson park in monroe for over two years. it's boring. it's a flat gravel track that circumnavigates a bunch of tennis courts, soccer fields, etc. i only run there because it's a good distance from the gym and i can get a solid run out to the park and back, then end with a workout.

every now again i would review the wobbly little signpost with the "trail" information on it...just to make sure the track really was 1.75 miles and that it hadn't suddenly shrunk, i guess. I'd see these additional little wiggly bits on the map, but ignored them as either leftovers from a bygone era of Munson or some ambitious young park designer's unfinished dream.

finally, today i just ran off the far end of the gravel path and started jogging uncertainly through some shaggy, rutted grass and across a farmer's field. and lo...i see a park bench and a trailhead sign! two different little patches of single track trail right under my nose the entire time! to anyone who lives outside of SE MI, the notion of being excited by just shy of 3.5 miles of flat trail is likely pretty bizarre. for me, however, this basically more than doubled the previous amount of trail available to me in this town. yes. that's right. more than doubled.

anyway, it was a great run as i was obviously extremely psyched about the new discovery. the pictures above indicate what i should try to NOT be (hiding my head in the sand) and what i SHOULD try to be (a chicken with it's head cut off? what?) it's more an indication that i need to run more "freely," avoid logging the same routes over and over again and allow myself to run off into unfamiliar territory more often.

i think i just wanted some gore up on this blog. halloween coming up and all.

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