Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DNA in Me Cover Project Fever

Not wanting to miss out on the back-rubbing circle-jerk that is this snowballing cover project (the traditional meaning of snowballing, mind you), ADAIRSTAR (caps added) has submitted his version entitled: 3 Glasses of Chocolate Milk (the DNA in Me). If "smoking all the cigarettes you bring" was chalked up to genetic fatalism in the original, Adairstar's jonesing is of a considerably more kindergarten kind. However, in true Adairstar form, this version of the song is dark, glamorous and sleazy combination of spoken dialogue, children cheering, pounding 808 drum machines and plenty of the eyebrow-raising production techniques that many of us have come to love. If a scant 3 glasses of chocolate milk had anything to do with his mind-state during the creation of this song, then we had better reevaluate our elementary school diet guidelines...the kids are almost certainly not all right.

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