Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Uncultured Shock

"You can't change the night into day,
And you can't take the milk,
from the milky way.
You can't take the sun from the sky,
And you can't put the light,
in Ray Charles eyes."

But you can have a great day today, True Believer. And I'll see you back here in just a sec.


Max Keith said...


I miss reading shits here.
Get back at it !

josh z. said...

write something! give us a pulse. true believers around the world need your voice.

P. said...

Thanks for the kind werdz fellas. My feet have been so fucked up over the past few months...the stoke has been, uh, dismal. But I have faith in Jog and He saw it fit that I begin Jogging again. Jog have mercy.