Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RTD: TNF 80K Report in pictures

RTD = retirado = DNF

So, I filled my bottles with beers and hiked the course offering free drinks. Check out this guy who went for it...

 Now, see how happy he is! Check out that drunk in the background!

So, yeah. Not super pleased about the DNF. It was mostly mental, although the 6 times I shit burning hot diarrhea in the first 90 minutes also played into the decision.

Fuck running.
Long live running.


GZ said...

burning hot diarrhea is a good excuse to quit anything.

P. said...

couldn't agree more and while i don't regret my decision, i do want to figure out why i wasn't "in it" from the start. i think a part of it was that i really had gone in with the mind-set "i'm here to run and race." ...when i should have had a humbler, more flexible attitude. you gotta make the most of what you've got on the day. even if what you've got on the day is torrential diarrhea.

jameson said...

yeah... fuck it. burning hot diarrhea is the reason i dropped from a 100k a couple of weeks ago.

running is dumb.