Friday, January 18, 2013

A Different Perspective

Two weeks ago, my buddy Daniel and I went running in my neck of the woods. Daniel´s getting ready for the Atacama Crossing (one of the 4 Deserts races) in March and, I must say, is looking like a pretty good bet for the win.

It´s interesting seeing myself in a running blog post and there´s no swearing/masturbation-jokes in the text and no pictures of alcohol!

I need to grow the fuck up!

hahaha, "grow" hahaha.... "up" hahaha...your mom likes it when my dick grows up!!! hahahahah!!! TAKE THAT MATURITY, YOU FUCKING SKANK!!!


Daniel said...

Thanks again Pat - it was an awesome weekend of running. For some reason I don't remember any of the crazy incidents you usually include in your blog posts so maybe it was too tame a weekend for you!!

RUNssel said...

Pretty questionable pick.

J. said...

Pat: I deactivated my facebook account. You were the number 1 reason (no joke) why I had a hard time doing so... but I cannot waste any more time on this thing! You have my e-mail.