Friday, December 14, 2012

La Misión 100 miler

Well, that's that. I finished my first 100 miler.
Her name was La Misión, blue eyes, blonde hair and 26,000 ft of gain.

Here's a special wave picture that shows you how much fun I had! Luckily, the course isn't very high in terms of elevation, so a weak lung'd normal like me can still participate and have a nice time in the mountains.
Some videos of the route!

First summit. Hail and wind.

Last summit. Sun and wind.

After 27 hours and blah blah blah minutes, I finished 5th overall! It was a hoot!

Truly, it was a great time and I'm very happy with the result. I may or may not choose to get drunk in a couple of days and write a special story about it. 



brownie said...


Jesse said...

Excellent! Well done, sir. I anticipate a report.

Max Keith said...

Hey weon ! La rompiste.
for real.
felicitaciones again.

Jim said...

Nice meeting you. great job! Congrats.

Lucho said...

Excellente (my best Spanish). Get shit faced and give a real race report on how a 100 feels.
Nice work my friend.

J. said...

Ha. I agree with Lucho.

P. said...

thanks bros and broette! jim, it was good to chat with you. thanks for the good stories and the advice!

RUNssel said...

C'mon Bro. There must be an Über-epic Racereport around here! Bring it on!