Monday, June 25, 2012

Tears for fears and bearded beers.

Hey, look! It's Tim Olsen, Tony Krupicka, and RYAN HALL out on a training run!

har har har. i'm dumb.

seriously, though: don't be the last bearded ultrarunner to have a damned bearded beer insulator!

my blog is now just ad space for products. ha! worry not, i'm running really well these days! i hope to have a more in-depth explanation soon, but the short story is that I no longer want to belaboredly post my weekly training log. i'd much rather post stories and photos about running. the photo part is tough right now because i don't have a camera and won't buy one until i visit the US in july. so...for now...True Believers, you get beers with beards. Better than chicks with dicks. Maybe.

I can't believe I just spent 15 minutes making this post. Holy Jesus.


Jesse said...

This kind of shit cracks me up. I'm kind of in the same boat as far as actually logging miles. Now that I feel like I'm running well, I sort of quit giving shits, fucks, etc. I still log my runs out of habbit, but find myself inserting weird sentences and genital remarks to see if anyone(including me) is paying attention. Thanks for the cara coozi idea.

P. said...

i include the genital remarks because i only blog in the nude...and drunk, obviously.

it's funny how most of the little bullshit things i might have to say in a blog post tend to dissolve away once i actually hit a streak of really enjoyable and satisfying running. despite what i just said, i still enjoy living vicariously through your experiences in boulder. i still have that move on my to-do list at some point.

JB said...