Monday, October 24, 2011

"My Chinese Rug" Weekender 10/23/11

Monday- off. saw planet of the apes in spanish. had a nightmare about talking gorillas.

tues- over las torres, to end of horse pasture ridge. this has become the new daily standard. 9 miles round trip w/ maybe 1200 ft. of climbing (same for descent) depending on the route. typically this takes 90 minutes at the slowest and about 1:15 at the fastest. sometimes i choose to take a very unorthodox route to the towers, which yields a much slower time (and many many more thorn holes in my arms and

wed- same, with Quim who seems all bounced-back.

thurs- off. the blisters on my feet are giving me some hell.

friday- off. same.

saturday- 9 miles.

sun- 12 miles.

The issue this week were the blisters left over from the 80K. This is the first time in years that I've had blisters, so I suppose I should be grateful. I had forgotten how to deal with them well and opted to A) wait a couple days for the tissue to chill the fuck out and B) make small incisions at the top of each to let them dry up. So far, so good. They were caused by a combination of the very steep and persistent downhill running/shoe-skiing from the race and the steady degradation of my running form as I got tired. Moving along.

39 miles.

If evil's how they're livin', hell's whatcha give'em.



GZ said...

Little liquid bandage on blisters goes a long way.

P. said...

You rule. Straight up.

Jesse said...

Get after it, P. This damned blog always cracks me up, even the short posts. You are interesting. Not in the way that boring people refer to weird people interesting, but like, actually interesting.

Jennifer Brubaker said...

unrelated to blisters:

women & running & history!:

(absolutely using your blog as a fb wall.)

good luck with the healing process.

P. said...

gz- imma try that!

jesse- that is one hell of a compliment. thank you. i feel like my day-to-day existence is remarkably dull, punctuated infrequently with sort of interesting stuff. not wild adventures anymore, but interesting nonetheless. hahaha! i'm glad to hear you're recovering well and gettin' after it again. please have a bell's for me. i miss it more than i could have ever imagined.

jenn- you're too Right Said Fred for facebook, anywayz. fuck it!