Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Run run run, take a drag or two (RUNNIN' WE(a)EK!)

MONDAY 7/19/10 - AM - Tour De Tuna (7 miles) - about an hour?
PM - 30 minutes of treadmill running at the steepest incline. "15?" whatever inclination is designated by the number 15. with these treadmills, I don't think it's % either. so huh...

7/20/10 - AM - tour de tune - 55 minutes
PM - 3 mile barefoot walk with Ava

7/21/10 - Tour De Tuna - 53:00 - great sunrise! (also this day was highlighted by an excellent Wed. night sailboat race celebrated afterwards by gabby and i catching the ice cream truck and getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles popsicles.)

7/22/10 - munson park run, 6 miles. i did 10 sets of hill climbs/descents over the weird indian burial mound/capped landfill. it was about 100 degrees. then did some incline treadmill work at the gym, along with core workout and some cable machine monkey business. ate san marco's tongue tacos for dinner, drank PBR at the bronze boar. very successful day.

7/23/10 - Wildwood trails, 8 miles. car's thermometer read 103 before i started the run, very humid to boot. during sections of the run where the trees parted and i was fully exposed to the sun, it felt like opening an oven door...but instead of cookies waiting for me, it was just bugs and more heat. not nearly as nice to dip into milk. dairy queen made out with me afterwards.

7/24/10 - insomnia veritas. got up at 4am, cruised the internet, coffee. went for the tuna beach 7, swung back by the house for some gelly and then did the south otter creek Out And Back 7, too for a total of 14 miles by about 7 am. went to ann arbor art fair with gabby, jon and jenn and drank and ate like i was never going to eat or drink again. strange things have been going on cosmically (a.k.a. in my head) for the last week or two...hopefully things settle down a little bit.

7/25/10 - sunday i took "off." went to the gym and did the oval-maker, core routine. went to bed around 7:30pm? still bright and sunny outside. writing this at 4:30am on monday. today marks my second serious attempt at quitting oxycontin. last week went ok, but then i broke down and used heavily this past weekend. son. of. a. bitch.

WEEK: 50 miles

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