Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prizzy Prizzy Please, Please!

...and thank you!!! Man, my old friends from Bloomington opened for Spoon! I was, like, their #1 fan when I lived there! Dude! Bob, the bass player, used to be in our very shitty bar band and he (wisely) made the move to PPP...dude's got chops (literally, he's a karate expert). Humble Midwestern beginnings, super-duper instrument skills, multi-octave-bespectacled frontman, backing band for Guinness World Book Most T-Shirts Worn at the Same Time Record, recent show with Beach House, opened for Spoon...enough parenthesis...PPP are on their way to superstardom!



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andy said...

Don't forget to blog about their upcoming show in the Big Apple with Magic Tricks on Memorial Day May 26th! We'll send photos. The blogosphere needs to hear us!